jeudi 30 juin 2011

Reflection on the search process : Non peer reviewed articles

 Another type of research was to look for non peer-reviewed articles. These kinds of articles are available in websites (commercial websites : (.com), educational websites :(.edu), and organizational websites (.org)...) . These websites give can give you relevant information, even if these articles are not reviewed by experts, but you need to be careful to the domain of websites while searching because there are a lot of websites that can give you irrelevant information. In my search process, I decided to look for some quotes to use in my body paragraph to support my ideas. It was a hard task because I found a lot of websites that contains irrelevant and unreliable information. It took me a long time to find some websites that contains some articles with relevant information.
The search for non-reviewed articles in websites was a somehow difficult task because you need to check the domain of any website you visited, and to check for the author, the publisher, the date of publication to make sure that these websites contain relevant informations.

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