dimanche 19 juin 2011

Introduction about myself

Hi everybody !! My name is Ayoub Fikri. I was born in 22nd August 1993. I am a student at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, my major is Computer Science, and this is my second semester here at this university. As you may have noticed , I am 17 years old : I'm very young :D !! I got my baccalaureat degree while i was just 16, which is something very special for me. I am now registered for Summer session at AUI university with 2 courses : Data Structures CSC 2302 (a nightmare!! :s), and SSK 1212, and fortunately I accomplished successfully my language center courses which is great because now I have the opportunity to opt for a lot of choices without the constraint of pre requisites, I forgot to say that I live currently in Rabat. I enjoy playing bastketball, and what was surprising for me is that I joined the basketball team of AUI from my first semester which is not very common. I can say that I enjoy my life in Ifrane because there are so many activities and clubs that you can join and learn from so that you will never get bored !! ;-)

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