lundi 20 juin 2011

Introduction about the topic : Social Network & Child Safety

Throughout the time, the world has known different historical facts that changed the people’s way of life. For instance, World War I & II, The walk on the moon, the French revolution or the Brazilian's longest wave on the Earth . But the world did not know only these natural or historical events, it has also met a more revoulutionnary phenomena:   Internet. All over the years Internet has been developped and made more public. As a result, it creates one of the most dangerours   conception: Social Network. In fact, besides making the world open and connected, Facebook, for instance, has been repeatedly put under fire and landed itself in hot water especially in terms of the  users’ privacy.
It goes without saying that the world's largest social network occurs to users a number of advantages. Users possess a wall where they post, comment statues and express their opinions about other ones by the “Like” option. They can share pictures, links, articles, etc. Facebook can also be a place where to share opinions and points of views about different topics. Indeed, people can join groups and discuss different issues. In addition, it helps to keep contact with friends and family. However, to create an account, users need to give enough information about them (full name, dates, relationships, likes, religion, Political views, etc). This might be a real danger. Indeed , data mining is illustrated as one of the biggest issue concerning social network privacy. Moreover, the privacy issue has different factors starting from cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking passing through the brain changes and that can lead to one of the most critical issue which is child safety. Without any doubt, a children who has access to internet is faced to real dangers such as fake profiles or the information that he/she provides and receives along with pictures.

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