lundi 4 juillet 2011

Reflection on the search process : The Survey

Our Online Survey : If you want to fill in our survey please click here.

Analysis of the results of the survey

*Question 1: What is your gender?

Interpretation:We notice through the results of the first question that the number of females is higher than males

*Question 2: What is your age?

Interpretation: We could clearly realize that the biggest age group is between 18 and 25 with a percentage of 90%.

*Question 3: Which of these social network websites do you use the most?

Interpretation:  Through this graph we see that Facebook occupies the first place in the most used social network.
It provides different options and settings that attract people more and more.

*Question 4: How frequently do you use social network websites?

Interpretation:  This graph provides different results. First of all, we see that 40% are using social network at least one hour (or more) per day.
Then, we can see some huge statistics for those who use more than 3 hours which is a big symptom of addictedness.

*Question 5: Do you access your social network account via mobile phone?

Interpretation:  Here is another graph that shows how people are addicted using social network.
Indeed, 61% have access to social network even via their mobile phone.

*Question 6: For what purpose do you use social networks websites?

Interpretation:  People use social network for different reasons. Most of the time for entertainment, in fact, we can see a high score for Chat, Share pictures and videos.
Moreover, social network helps people to promote event and blogs. However, there is a little percentage for the finding job.

*Question 7: Do you share your personal information?

Interpretation:  We realize that people share their personal information through social network without taking into consideration the privacy issues.

*Question 8: Do you agree with the following statements being definition to cyber bullying and cyber stalking?

Interpretation:  From this graph we can see that even people know about what social network can provide as bad effect they still share personal information.
Definitely, people know to recognize some bad and harmful acts towards users.

*Question 9: Which one of these you think children suffer more from?

Interpretation:  We see that people agreed that children suffer more from fake profiles. Therefore, they can suffer from cyber-bullying and stalking since both of them are related.
Finally, children can also suffer from data mining such as all social network users.

*Question 10: Please rate the following statement in terms of your overall agreement.

Some Comments:

Social networks are a real waste of time! Everybody knows it, but they will keep using it. It attracts many people because it allows them to re-shape their personality and show up in front of others the way they want, which may give not only fake pictures and names, but also fake people.
7/7/11 12:37AM

Not sure about cyber-bullying/stalking definitions, so I did not answer

7/6/11 5:12PM 
You did not explain what do Cyber-Stalking and Cyber-bullying mean. If someone else did not find the definition he or she could easily get bored and not continue the survey. Good Luck!!
7/6/11 5:06PM 
Very Nice Survey !! :D
7/6/11 1:38PM
Perfect survey
7/4/11 5:42PM

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