lundi 27 juin 2011

Reflection on the search process : Peer reviewed articles


Before starting our research on online databases, we attended a workshop that helped know how to use these tools. A library assistant explained to us in details how we use these online databases, such as EBSCO Host and Jstor, and for what purpose. This workshop taught us how to do a simple research and an advanced one. With this database, the research is guided. We can search by keyword or by subject terms for example. We can also limit or extend our research. We may choose some added information like narrowing the date of publication or the language, and we can also impose to the database to search only peer-reviewed journals for example, and many other options are available to facilitate our online search process. When searching for some peer-reviewed articles using online databases, I found some interesting articles that were relevant to my topic. Thanks to the library assistant, I knew exactly how to use these databases efficiently. I personally found that the EBSCO Host database is more efficient than Jstor because it contains a huge amount of data and it gives a variety of options that facilitate your search process.
The online database search for peer reviewed articles was very easy than the book search process because Internet facilitates a lot the search process, and also the EBSCO Host & Jstor databases that contains a huge amount of professional and peer-reviewed articles.

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