mercredi 22 juin 2011

Reflection on the search process : Starting point

The first idea that came to my mind to get a general information about my theme "Social network " is to start by using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and others ... For me, I chose to search in Google since I am used to it. After I typed my theme in Google, I did not find any relevant information, I just found some links to famous social networks such as : Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and others. So, where should I look for to get some general ideas related to my theme? The solution was to use Wikipedia as a starting point for my research process.

When I typed my theme : "Social network" in Wikipedia, it gave me general information about this theme that was interesting but not related to my topic. But when I typed "Social network service", it gave me relevant information because in the table of contents I found child safety under the social network issues, and that is my topic : "Social network issues : child safety". The information I found was relevant and interesting, and I found some very helpful references that helped me get more knowledge about my specific topic.

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