vendredi 24 juin 2011

Reflection on the search process : Books

After using Google and Wikipedia as a starting point reference, now I have to find the most accurate book. To start my research, I used the online library catalog (OPAC: Online Public Access Catalog) in order to locate some interesting books. So to find them, I looked first about titles that contain one of the key words or all of them. The results were not very satisfying because I didn't find any book that has one of these words in its title. Then, I searched by using key words which are: Social network, children safety. I found some relevant books that seemed to be interesting. I took their call number, and search for them. The book that I found was very relevant to my topic: “Children and the Internet: great expectations, challenging realities” by Sonia Livingstone. After a little overview on this book and its table of content, I decided to use some statistics and quotes from it to support my arguments.
Looking for the right book was not an easy task as I thought. However, it was a good source that helped me adjust my topic and try to make it more interesting and specific.

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