jeudi 7 juillet 2011

Reflection about the statistics of the survey


            Statistics are mandatory in every research due to many factors; first we have proof and facts of our subject, second they will show us for example for our survey which category use the most social networks, which social networks are the most used in our society, what are the purposes of social networks, how many share their personnel information, do the users know the privacy issues of social networks, and how can those issues represent a real danger. From these statistics we found that from our environment and society, the majority of the users are girls, and they spend more time on social network websites than boys do. We also noticed that Facebook is the most famous social networks not only in our society but all over the world with a high percentage. In addition to that, users are sharing their personal information which can cause real danger especially concerning children, and the most hazardous part is that statistics showed that the majority of people are aware of the privacy issues that users may encounter using social network websites. Furthermore, the purpose of social networks is usually chatting with friends, and sharing pictures and videos; therefore, important benefits from those kinds of social networks are neglected; whereas, children are usually under the risks of fake profiles and cyber bullying.
To sum up, I would like to say that comments we received, in addition to the professor’s instructions were very helpful because they helped us improve our survey and our research paper in general by indicating what were the weaknesses of our survey that needed to be improved.

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